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條款及細則 Terms and Condition

1.  此訂單於開單日起90日 內有效,顧客逾時確定生產貨品內容及收貨時間將作撻訂論,訂金將不獲退還。所訂貨品如需更改,請於訂貨後12小時內通知,逾時恕不更改。傢俱產品或會因製造過程或天然物料而出現極輕微規格或顏色差異,客人必須接受每件產品規格會有公差為+/-1寸(梳化+/-2寸)。This sales order will be valid within 90 days from the issue date. All deposit and payment of any form will be forfeited if the customers could not confirm the products and its delivery. Any order amendments should be made within 12 hours upon order placement. The Company cannot accept any amendment afterwards. Customers must accept slight color/size tolerance of +/- 1inches (Sofa: +/-2 inch) on each side of the product.

2.  所有訂造產品以圖則為準,顧客看圖後如無異議必須在圖側簽署作實。如屬已度尺後出圖的訂造產品,本公司恕不接受顧客取消訂單和要求退款,及另需額外支付HK$2,000出圖費及度尺費。All tailor-made items will be manufactured based on the rendering attached to sales order, and customer shall mark a signature to consent to the production. For confirmed tailor-made products, no refund will be accepted, and the customer will be responsible for a HK$2,000 rendering charge.

3.  所有已送貨貨品,不可退回或退款。No purchase return or refund will be accepted for all delivered products.

送貨服務安排須知 Delivery Service Arrangement

1.  未能提供送貨服務地區包括: 禁區、5公噸或以上貨車不能進入的路段、展覽場地、酒店、船屋/船、地盤、貨品須經露台懸掛入屋內或現場環境不容許運送所購買之貨品的地點。如須送貨至客運碼頭、貨櫃碼頭、機場,顧客須承擔額外運送費用,自行安排海、空路運送及貨物上落事宜。Delivery service is not applicable to restricted areas, roads which prohibited truck weighted 5.5 tones or above, exhibition site, hotel, boat house/boat, construction site, addresses where goods delivery has to go through the balcony. Should deliveries be made to a ferry terminal, ocean terminal, The Airport, the customer must arrange their own drop off/pick up logistics and pay for extra delivery fee.

2.  顧客需主動供住宅大門及電梯門尺寸給本公司,否則產品規格確定後,若因顧客住宅範圍所限而導致貨品不能進屋,本公司恕不負責。本公司保留權利收取客戶最少訂貨金額之50%作為附加行政費。Customer should provide sizes of the lift and the door of their delivery location before production. Otherwise, the Company will not be liable for unsuccessful delivery due to obstacle(s) in captioned address. The Company reserves the right to charge the customer a minimum 50% of the sales order amount as additional administration costs.

3.  送貨日期如有任何更改或取消,請於送貨日前至少兩個工作日致電購買店舖作有關安排,並以獲得本公司確認為準,否則我們將收取附加服務費。If rescheduling or cancelation of delivery is required, please direct call to your purchasing location 2 business days prior to the schedule date and await the company’s confirmation. Otherwise, unconfirmed rearrangement may lead to an administration fee at the customer’s own expenses.

4.  若送貨地點沒有升降機或貨品須經樓梯送貨,顧客須繳付每件每層之搬運費。For buildings without lift but only staircases, there will be an additional delivery charge per unit per floor.

5.  如需要運輸人員協助棄置傢俱,運輸人員將會按件收取棄置費用。棄置傢俱原點須與送貨服務地點一致,所有舊傢俱一經收取,將不作退回。Upon furniture delivery, customer may enjoy furniture disposal service at customer’s own expenses to delivery personnel. The pick-up location must be under the same address as the furniture delivery. All confirmed items for disposal will not be returned.

6.  有關送貨的收費詳情,請向店員查詢。Regarding details of delivery charges, please inquire with our sales representatives.

7.  送貨期間,顧客應親自在場檢收貨品,直至運輸人員完成送貨及傢俱裝嵌。本公司鼓勵顧客於運輸人員到達地址前,盡量預留充足空間(包括門口位置及走廊通道等)方便運輸人員順利處理作業。如因地址空間或環境問題而導致之室內裝修或傢俱碰花問題,本公司恕不負責。During the delivery, customer should be present at the delivery address until the completion of delivery and furniture assembling. The company highly recommend customer to ensure enough space for delivery personnel to complete their tasks with no item obstructions. The company will not be liable to issues caused to customer’s interior renovation and furniture due to limited spatial conditions.

8.  安裝吊櫃/入牆櫃,如有鑽穿牆身任何電線/水喉,本公司將不負責任何賠償及修補。Prior to installation of wall cabinet, customer should clearly instruct the company’s personnel about the secure spot(s) for necessary drilling. The company will not be liable to damages to in-wall cables or water pipes.

9.  如在送貨當日,因送貨地址無人應門 ,是次送貨費將不會退回。如需再次安排送貨,我們會再次收取送貨費用。There will be no refund of delivery fee on delivery failure due to an unattended recipient address upon arrival of goods at the appointed time. Rescheduling due to related circumstances may lead to additional delivery charges.

10.  如送貨當天遇上惡劣天氣、嚴重水浸、道路阻塞或封閉、或其他不可抗力事件,送貨服務將有可能延誤或暫停。我們會在24小時內以短訊及電話聯絡顧客再作安排,補送服務將另行通知。In case of bad weather conditions, serious flooding or blocked or closed roads, or force majeure event, the deliveries may be delayed or suspended. We shall contact the affected customer within 24 hours via SMS/phone for rescheduling of delivery.

11.  顧客於收貨時請檢查所有貨品配件、玻璃(如有)等,是否完整無缺,貨品經顧客驗收後,需於送貨單上簽名作實,本公司恕不負責其後之後補或更換. Customer has a responsibility to check carefully the parts and the glass (if any), etc. No replacement request will be accepted after checking and signing on the delivery note.

12.  顧客在收貨時必須以現金繳付訂單尚欠的餘款。本公司不接受其它支付方式。若顧客為有限公司或香港特別行政區政府部門或其有關機構,本公司只接受公司劃線支票付款,抬頭請祈付『Furniture Station Limited』,於送貨時即時交票,而且必須繳付訂單全部款項。請在支票背後寫上閣下之訂單號碼,若顧客沒有要求,本公司將不另發收據,期票將不予接受。End customer should pay full payment in cash upon the delivery. The Company will not accept any other payment methods. Company cheque will only be accepted if the customer is a limited company or Hong Kong Government SAR or Hong Kong Government SAR’s related organization(s). The cheque should be crossed and made payable to “Furniture Station Limited”. Please make sure that the sales order number is stated at the back of your cheque. No receipt will be issued unless it is requested by the customer in advance. Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.

13.  對於本公司未能預期送交之貨品,本公司的最高責任只限於退還顧客已繳付之金額。If the Company is unable to deliver the paid products, our maximum liability should be limited to the payment received from the customer only.

個人資料收集聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement
1.  本人明白所提供予傢居站有限公司的個人資料,傢居站有限公司將會使用於市場推廣及顧客分析,包括但不限於透過電郵、電話、手機短訊及社交軟件等,向本人提供傢居站有限公司的產品、服務及活動資訊。傢居站有限公司不會向第三方提供相關資料。  本人了解可隨時要求傢居站有限公司停止使用本人個人資料,有權向傢居站有限公司查閱及更正本人資料,有關查詢可WhatsApp聯絡9841 8139。

I consent to that personal data provided to The Furniture Station Limited (“FS”) may be used for marketing and customer profile analysis purposes, including but not limited to providing me with communications about FS products and service offerings, events or news through direct mailing, e-mail, telephone, SMS or social communication software, etc.  I fully understand that I may at any time require FS to cease the use of my personal data in above-captioned purposes, and I am entitled the right to request the access to and correction of my personal data via WhatsApp inquiry at 9841 8139.


優惠貨品 Promotional Products

1.  優惠期內,貨品優惠價格祗適用於期內所發出的訂購單;其餘情況,本公司毋須對非優惠期內所訂購之產品作差價補償。The promotional price will only be valid and effective within the promotion period. The product is subject to price volatility, and the selling price is subject to the moment the order is issued, and the difference cannot be refunded if there are price adjustments or promotions afterwards.





Furniture Station Limited reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.



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